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Verification Services

Introducing Our Enhanced Security Verification Services!

Now, you can trust 1Track for a comprehensive range of security verifications

What we offer

Company Vetting

Evaluation process assessing the legitimacy, credibility, and reliability of a company or organization, including its operations, financial status, and compliance with relevant regulations, ensuring trustworthy business partnerships and transactions.

Pre-Employment Polygraphs

Utilising polygraph tests as a part of the pre-employment screening process to evaluate the truthfulness and integrity of candidates regarding their qualifications, experiences, and potential risks to the organization.

SARS Individual Tax Number Verification

Authentication process confirming the validity and legitimacy of an individual's tax identification number issued by the South African Revenue Service (SARS), ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Criminal Checks

Thorough background checks conducted to identify any past criminal records or convictions associated with an individual, providing insights into potential risks or liabilities.

Social Media Screening

An investigation into an individual's online presence and activity across various social media platforms to assess their character, behavior, and potential risks associated with their digital footprint.

Marital Trace Verification

Verification procedures aimed at confirming an individual's marital status, including past or present marriages, divorces, or any relevant legal proceedings, providing clarity on personal relationships.

National Matric Certification Verification

Validation of an individual's matriculation certificate, verifying its authenticity and accuracy through official channels, essential for educational and employment purposes.

PSIRA Verification

Verification conducted by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) to ensure compliance with regulations and standards within the private security sector, guaranteeing professionalism and reliability.

SA Fraud Check

A specialized examination conducted to identify any instances or suspicions of fraudulent activities within the South African context, ensuring compliance and security within business operations.

International Individual Verification

A comprehensive process aimed at confirming the identity and background of individuals across international borders, ensuring accuracy and reliability in personal information.

Tertiary Accreditation Verification

Verification of an individual's academic qualifications from tertiary institutions, confirming accreditation and legitimacy of degrees or certifications obtained, crucial for employment and educational pursuits.



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